Principles of Education

Our Mission: To prepare spiritually, professionally and practically for ministry in the church and society

HEAD – Professional education at an academic level

The student will acquire good professional knowledge during his/her studies. But it’s not just about imparting information. We want students to learn to find the information they need themselves and to be able to work critically with it. Based on the knowledge they acquire, they can creatively solve all the tasks and challenges that work and life will bring.

The professional quality of the teaching at ETS is due to the fact that all teachers have a university degree - some have a doctorate in theology, social work, or law, while other teachers are pursuing doctoral studies or studying another field. Among the teachers you will find, for example, a forensic psychology expert. Four teachers have five years of therapeutic training. The teacher acts primarily in the role of tutor, counselor, and coach, introducing the student to the lifelong process of learning.

Thanks to the academic level of teaching and cooperation with universities, graduates of all disciplines have the opportunity to continue in bachelor’s degree programmes if they wish.

HEART – Spiritual growth according to biblical principles

Teachers influence the students not only by what they know, but also by personal example. They inspire, provide personal examples, they also practically live what they believe. Creating the conditions and environment that helps students to transform spiritually is a natural part of teaching at ETS. We strive for healthy growth, a Christian personality empowered by the Holy Spirit for service both in the work of God’s kingdom and in society.

In addition to teaching vocational subjects, students also have a class where they all come together. It has a worship framework, a space for prayer and personal sharing. Two full-week intensive study camps each year also contribute to deepening relationships.

The school has a Spirituality Team to which all students can turn with their personal questions and needs. Students can take advantage of the Pastoral Counselling Service, and career counselling is provided in the search for optimal future employment.

HANDS –Practical skills for fulfilling one’s life mission

The acquired knowledge is to find application in life practice, to prepare students practically for their chosen profession. Therefore, an integral part of the study is the students’ practice in local congregations and various institutions. Students will practically test the acquired theoretical knowledge, try out the methods they have learned and verify them in the practice of life.

Teachers of the theological subjects are ordained pastors who have personal experience in leading congregational work and pass on their life experience to the students in their teaching. Teachers of pastoral and social work courses have many years of practical experience in their fields. Teaching at ETS is based on practice and prepares for practice.

Our core values flow from a relationship with the living Christ and a reverence for the Scriptures. They are first and foremost:

  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Discernment
  • Service
  • Personal growth
  • Practicality