Academics at ETS

Students and prospective students can find details about the organisation of their studies here.

An overview of the study programs of ETS - VŠE can be found on the Czech language study programs page: Studijní programy.

Below you will find the study content - descriptions of all courses and and who teaches them.

Students of the school can register for courses after logging in to the system.

Study Content

The common core consists of required courses for all ETS students (approximately 70 credits).

Required courses are mandatory for the specialisations (approx. 90 credits, of which 25 are internships).

Elective courses are chosen by the student individually or as part of a package (up to 20 credits). Courses are listed according to specialisation; it is also possible to enrol in courses from another specialisation.

Common Core

Required Courses

Elective Courses

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